The nearer the Church closer to God.


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Brief Update

We hope and pray you are all well! This has definitely been one of the craziest things we can remember, but there is no doubt Who is in control.

Heath Anderson
2 Mins
Stay Home Stay Safe

Anyone else about to go stir crazy? We're not....yet...

Heath Anderson
2 Min
Where did January Go?

We had an incredible opportunity to be a part of the 2020 Missions Pray.Give.Go Conference at FBC-Winnsboro this past Saturday.

Heath Anderson
2 Min
Awesome Sunday

Two church bodies and two languages worshipping the ONE God together.

Heath Anderson
2 Min


Our Community Beyond Our City

We are honored to be supported, loved, and encouraged by so many who believe in what's next for CrossWalk-Pflugerville.

Kent Pate, Ph.D.

"Heath wants to see people reached for Christ and he is committed to the local Church! That’s a great combination for a Church Planter!”

Dallas Holston

"Heath is a compassionate and understanding individual that is aware of and obedient to God’s call in his life."

Stephen Kramer

"Heath and Karen are incredible examples of Christ in this world. They are all about God and other people first."